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This Journal is Friends Only

Image to come shortly because I'm an idiot and replaced the code in the wrong entry.



Jess's Favorite Fanfic Quotes

I need to start a post that is simply my favorite lines from fanfic.


Holland." He stood, holding his hand across the desk to his mentor. "I thought you were still in New York, dealing with that little matter for the Giovanellis." A little matter of their undead godfather getting busted -- again -- for tax evasion. Some things just never changed.

Holland returned the handshake, and added a paternal smile that creased his well-worn face and made him look like someone's grandfather. "It's all taken care of; Don Giovanelli will shortly be, ah, resting in peace once more. Hello, Lilah."
- from "Forgiven Chapter 5: Nobody's Buisness" -

Harry Pottter

Harry PotterCollapse )


Finally, he looked up, “I believe that true love,” he said, taking a deep breath, “is the willingness of two souls to sacrifice enough of themselves to complete each other.”
- from The Shot heard Round the World Part III by laurelnola 

Feeling Embarrassed

So today I continued the arduous task of cleaning out my email. I have had this email account since forever, but it seems the oldest email so far was 2006. But still, that was a while ago and frankly I needed to just delete things. So I have been. Not as much as I should but there are several emails I am still debating their potential to be important down the road.

But one of the things I have found out is I am woefully behind on my reading. I had almost 250 emails on Fanfic (now deleted and the links moved to my "To Read" bookmark file) and now I'm in the my writing folder and finding I still have outstanding prompts due. SO the following ones will be worked on this month hopefully:

  • morgynleri_fic requested a fic (any fandom) to the qoute ""A hero is nothing more than someone trying to hide some flaw in their character that society does not wish to see. A mistake, a failure on the part of Fate.""  (actually apparently I also owe you a drawing of the Doctor and the Seer)
  • medie requested some Priveteer Norrington.  And apparently I asked for a prompt in a meme and you gave me Sam & The Tok'ra.
  • booster17 gave me a prompt for a Lorelai Gilmore is John Sheppard's younger sister.  I'm not sure so much if its a request or just a help-out.
  • meg_tdj requested a Supernatural Wallpaper (actually I think I finished this but never got it to you.  Oh, well, this late It needs an update. 
  • mhalachaiswords is owed a history lesson between Gibbs & Abbey
  • okelay appears to have a list involving Kate Beckett, Owen Harper and Ziva David.

Right now I'm really embarrissed that I still owe these, and that I never got them done or if I did I have no record of actually doing so.  I appolgise greatly.  Some of them are quite old (like eight years old *hangs head*). 

If you are no longer part of these fandoms and thus don't want these anymore, let me know.  I can either offer something in replacement or just cancel it all together.  But I am determined to actually finish these.


In the wild chance any one still follows me, I am still alive. I miss lj so hopefully this month ill be returning. Miss all the friendships I made on here too.


Reader's poll

You may of course find most of my fics here: http://www.fanfiction.net/~sokorralewis 
Poll #1862044 AO3 poll

What fic should I post to ao3 first

Looking After You (Thor WIP)
A Certian POV (SG-1)
A World Without You (Harry Potter AU)
Addiction (Liz Verse, Angel AU)
Heavy Hearted Words (A Knight's Tale/Historical Fiction)
Who Knew (NCIS)
Moonlight Valentines (Harry Potter)
Reflections (Harry Potter AU)
Senses (Greys Anatomy)
The Golden Circle (King Arthur)

Should I Post Only 'Finished' fics?


Is there a fic you think I should post first that wasn't listed?

Are you even interested in seeing fic on my AO3 page?


Is there a fic that has wondered off into Forgotten WIP land that you would especially like to see me work on?


Calling Out to Followers

I'm trying to fix my friends list because for one its too big for me to handle, and half the blogs I'm following seem to either have been stopped or deleted/purged.  I am noticing a couple that are people following me, that I do not follow back.  Obviously you are missing out on my F-O messages, which tends to be all of them, so if you are an active journal, and you notice that I'm not following you back, let me know so I can add you.

If you are a journal that is following me and I follow back, you can let me know too:)  

I clearly need to pay more attention to my friends.  One of them deleted their journal and I never knew about it.  :(

George Takei's Message about Interment

I felt that the following links should be shared.  THey all relate to George Takei's time in a Japanese interment camp  and similar legislature right now:

George Takei's Video on a play he is doing relating to this

George Takei's Blog Entry on his time in the Interment camps.


Interesting links:

Why SOPA is Dangerous. <- For those wondering what is so bad about an anti-pirating bill, read this.

SOPA Author Schedules Debate, Attacks Wikipedia <-- Discusses the guy who wrote the bill's responce to the blackout, Wiki's involvement in particular.

Aug. 24th, 2011

So I got Adobe fixed, Got Microsoft Office Fixed (I think).

This was supposed to be more lengthy but I'm getting ready to go to school. Expect a longer post later.


Interesting links:

Why Iceland Should Be in the News But is Not (http://sacsis.org.za/site/article/728.1?frommailing=1) <--- news article about Iceland's economic crises and how the dealt with it.