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Many things, amigos(as), Many things.

The point of this meme is that I responded to another person doing it, and she assigned me five categories which she associated with me.  In return, I post them here, with what I have to say about them, and people respond to this to get their five (unless of course, they just want to respond.  Or not).

So, shipperfey gave me:

1. Crossovers

Ah.  Yeah, I do alot of crossovers.  And several are multi-fandom, not just a set of two.  I have one ongoing LJ based fic that has about every fandom I can fit, and I write characters based on my friends.  Its basically crack fic.  Its not meant to be taken seriously (for example, the character based on me talks to a ceramic squirrel)

My first crossover was Harry Potter and A Life Less Ordinary. My latest was Stargate SG-1 and NCIS

2. Family

I rant alot about mine.  Mostly my parents, and even then mostly my Dad.  Which I haven't done lately, but there is a rant building up and a ramble as to what strange thing has occurred to the clan lately.

I also tend to write families into my fics.  I don't know if this is some kind of psychological thing where I try to write something due to whats happening in my life or what.

3. Star Wars

Got to love Star Wars.  Although I didn't see it till I was in Middle school.   I remember my first Star Wars expirence was coming into the class in Sixth grade and seeing Luke cut off Vader's hand and then flexing his own metal hand.  And I thought that whatever he cut off of Vader was becoming him (Cut of the hand, your hand turns metal etc).  jannamaxwell soon set me right and convinced me to watch the Trilogy.   I decided to start at the beginning...The Phantom Menace.  Luckily for George Lucas, this was before AoTC, so he got my money during theater time.  Twice actually.  Once with a guy who snored so loudly, it almost blended in with the sonic booms (which ironically woke him up).

4. Star Trek

Ah, this show is a family thing.  Started off with my parents watching Star Trek marathons on Saturdays on a local channel (I think it was northern West Virgina, so perhaps not so local.  Either way, we don't have the channel anymore).  The Next Generation and TOS.  Although I recall watching a scene of Voyager and DS9 too.

A few years ago I came across my parents old VHS tapes of the marathons and my sister and I got sucked into ourselves.  We watched as much of the tapes as we could (although the commercials amused us, the cellphones could be used as something to weight your car down in the winter, and watching them talk about Boris Yeltsin and President Clinton meeting and Nancy Kerrigan was interesting).   We watched it o TV when it was on, and my Grandmother handed us some of Jan's old Star Trek stuff.  One of my early ships was Deanna/Will.

 But we kinda moved away from Star Trek as a major fandom, though we still enjoyed it.  Then last year I was trying to rewatch TNG all the way through from start to finish and found out that Will & Deanna showed up on Enterprise.  So I watched the first five minutes of the Abomination (heh, I love how many places I find it called that, and not just on the Trip/T'pol boards) and decided I should watch this from the start.

Now before I watched it, I know that that T'pol ended up with someone, but they screwed it up and people were mad.  And someone posted a picture talking about the show being cancelled and talked about that right next to the picture.  But the picture was of two people sitting on the ground in what looked like ice.  I'm relatively sure it wasn't Trip & T'pol.

Anyway, so I started watching Broken Bow and got into it, particularly Malcom/Hoshi and Trip.  I was waiting for the Tnt because at this point someone had told me that Trip was the one with the broken relationship with T'pol.  It didn't take long for me to find it and not long after that I found my Star Trek OTP.

Did I mention that Enterprise has also gotten me into writing RPGs? Actually, it has two possible stories going in my head.  One that might give McCoy a love interest that is neither a crew mate nor a drug induced/hormone induced relationship and another that has Mal/Hoshi.  Because there is way too many fics for that ship where one or both DIE.  Erg.

Um...I think perhaps I have rambled enough here.  Probably more then you wanted to know about me and my Star Trek.  Just wait till the movie comes out and I spend a few days once again posting about how gorgeous Chris Pine is and various plot points.  For reference, remember the Princess Diaries II era.

You know, I feel like some picspam now

Now I shall move on because if I don't my mom will find me tomorrow morning still staring into my laptop at him. ;)

5. Steelers.

Heh.  Yeah.  I'm a Pittsburgh Girl.  No matter where I live, thats my hometown.  Its where I was born.  And in my family, the Steelers are a tradition.  I'm not a big fan of sports, unless I'm involved in actually playing (and I lack any athletic ability of value, so that doesn't happen often) but I'll turn in for a Steelers game once and awhile (although I can honestly say I watched about 15 minutes of total game time during the entire season this year.).  Football is probably the only sport where I can figure out what the players are doing.  (Hockey, while easier score wise, confuses me.) 

And I probably have a little bit of a crush on Ben.   Not because I think he's cute (although, if I think about it, he kinda is), but because he's the face of the Steelers pretty much.  Does that make any sense.

And I love the fact that the Steelers make Pittsburgh their home.  They come and stay.  Jerome Bettis still lives around here I believe, and many of the 70s team work in the area. Lynn Swann tried to become Governor.

Although, Terry Bradshaw, I could have gone without seeing your behind.  Even if you helped win four super bowls for us.  (For those of you who are wondering what I'm talking about, watch "Failure to Launch".).  Although I have to admit, you added 'The Naked Room!" to my lexicon of sayings.  Now whenever there is unexpected nudity, I can say that and my sister knows I'm talking about.  (and yes, it has bene used on Star Trek.  Actually, thats the only time I've used it so far, and thats only because Pholx was behind a tank, just like in FTL)


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Feb. 13th, 2009 08:23 am (UTC)
Ahhh!!! My brain! You just had to bring up Bradshaw's butt, didn't you? I saw Failure to Launch in theaters and I swear that scene scarred me for life.

And I totally agree with you about loving the Steelers for sticking around. It really is amazing how many 'outsiders' come here to play and end up becoming part of that great Pittsburgh tradition by calling the 'burgh home. It just goes to show our city really is the best ;)
Feb. 13th, 2009 08:31 am (UTC)
Same here. Every time I see him on TV I get a flash of the Fish Tank and a Agh Feeling.

It is:) One of these days I'm going to post a Pittsburgh Love post with all the reason I love where I live beyond a great football team.

Oddly enough, there are alot of people who still think its a smog covered city. THey don't realise we've changed alot even in the last decade.
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