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Pittsburgh Penguin Picspam And Comment post

So, not so long ago, the Pens hoisted the Trophy known as the Stanley Cup for the the third time.  Sidney Crosby became the youngest Captain in history to have the honor.  Mario, the Captain who hoisted the last two times, was in attendance.  Malkin got MVP.

To celebrate I present a Picspam, and a public entry.  When the Steelers won the Superbowl this year, I had a spam post, but I am not putting that on the Pens.  But it will be open for whoever wants to join in and if it becomes a Spam post, I'm not going to be angry.

So Congrats to the Pens for winning the Stanley Cup.  And Congrats to my hometown for not one but TWO professional sports trophies.

The Game Summery

dreamaria's Playoff highlights

And here is the last team of Pens to win the championship: