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Testing out Google Chrome right now, as it apparently came with Google Earth, which I have been amusing myself with this weekend as I find pictures of my house and realise...it was ugly, and still is.  Although points get taken off for when I typed in www.fanfiction.net/ one of thier options contionued with books/twilight.  Smart you are, but not quite smart enough.  Granted, it did figure out I wanted NCIS when I typed TV after the /.  Which brings me to two comments

1.  Is it just me or did they just add a bunch of the minor characters?
2. The summeries for the newer stuff...well, scares me.


How did I not realise John Francis Daley was on Freaks & Geeks.  It just never entered my mind.  No wonder I love Sweets so much:)  ALthough now, thinking about it, I can see him in F&G and he is right.  He is 3 feet taller.  Also, he has a better hair cut.