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Does anyone know where these fics are?

I'm looking for two fics in particular, so while I try to find it I thought I'd see if anyone on my flist knew the stories I was talking about and perhaps had a link themselves.

1. Qui-gon survives the fight with Maul and trains Anakin, but now must deal with the aftermath of how he treated Obi-wan who is a Knight himself now. Yoda is concerned about the damaged relationship between Qui-gon and his former Apprentice. I believe Obi-wan and Anakin talk to each other every once and awhile though.

2. A Jedi Apprentice AU where Obi-wan was sent away since he did not get chosen. He is captured by some pirates (I think) and forced to use his Jedi powers for them. They also get him hooked on some kind of drug to keep him from running away. Qui-gon manages to rescue him, but damage has been done and they must deal with Obi-wan's addiction as well as the issues that came from years of being captive.

http://jafd.nsio.net/archive/avalon/cast1.html (pretty sure its the same fic)

- EDIT:  It wasn't the same fic.  But this one started out the same.  I can't seem to find a longer version, so *shrugs*

Both are gen to my knowledge. I remember in the second one Obi-wan had longer hair and there was a big scene where after being taunted about it, he starts to cut it off.