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Villains VS Villains Round Two

Here we go, the second round of the Villains VS Villains voting.

Directions:  Please vote for who you think would win the battle in that match-up.  If you don't know the character, you can post and someone can explain them to you. The character with the most votes will carry on, and the ones with the least amount of votes will be ranked by the percentage of vote they received in their respective match-up in the final 16 ranking.

Voting last till Friday at Noon.  Please feel free to comment and invite your friends to vote.  The more votes the better.  This entry has been left public. 

EDIT: This poll was closed with a tie. A Tie breaker vote was handled on Twitter.

Poll #1592339 V vs V Round 2
This poll is closed.

Sauron VS Lex Luthur

Lex Luthur (Smallville, Superman)
Sauron (Bodiless Eyeball of LOTR Fame)

Kolya VS Ba'al

Kolya (Stargate Atlantis)
Ba'al (Stargate SG-1)

Scorpius VS Darth Vader

Scorpius (Farscape)
Darth Vader (Star Wars)

Replicators VS Weeping Angels

Replicators (Stargate Franchise)
Weeping Angels (Doctor Who)