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Feeling Embarrassed

So today I continued the arduous task of cleaning out my email. I have had this email account since forever, but it seems the oldest email so far was 2006. But still, that was a while ago and frankly I needed to just delete things. So I have been. Not as much as I should but there are several emails I am still debating their potential to be important down the road.

But one of the things I have found out is I am woefully behind on my reading. I had almost 250 emails on Fanfic (now deleted and the links moved to my "To Read" bookmark file) and now I'm in the my writing folder and finding I still have outstanding prompts due. SO the following ones will be worked on this month hopefully:

  • morgynleri_fic requested a fic (any fandom) to the qoute ""A hero is nothing more than someone trying to hide some flaw in their character that society does not wish to see. A mistake, a failure on the part of Fate.""  (actually apparently I also owe you a drawing of the Doctor and the Seer)
  • medie requested some Priveteer Norrington.  And apparently I asked for a prompt in a meme and you gave me Sam & The Tok'ra.
  • booster17 gave me a prompt for a Lorelai Gilmore is John Sheppard's younger sister.  I'm not sure so much if its a request or just a help-out.
  • meg_tdj requested a Supernatural Wallpaper (actually I think I finished this but never got it to you.  Oh, well, this late It needs an update. 
  • mhalachaiswords is owed a history lesson between Gibbs & Abbey
  • okelay appears to have a list involving Kate Beckett, Owen Harper and Ziva David.

Right now I'm really embarrissed that I still owe these, and that I never got them done or if I did I have no record of actually doing so.  I appolgise greatly.  Some of them are quite old (like eight years old *hangs head*). 

If you are no longer part of these fandoms and thus don't want these anymore, let me know.  I can either offer something in replacement or just cancel it all together.  But I am determined to actually finish these.


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Dec. 11th, 2014 03:04 pm (UTC)
i don't remember what i asked for so it'll be a nice surprise
but didnt you send me a fic to beta a while ago? i still havent gotten round to it? damn uni, i'm drowning

so we're both embarrasingly behind,it's fine

also lj has mentions now? i got an email about this
Dec. 12th, 2014 01:21 am (UTC)
Honestly, I can't remember if you were or not. There is a possibility. I just found an email I sent someone with Harry Potter fics and I don't recognize the email. Or were you one of the ones editing my Owen/Tosh fic?

Speaking of which, I should probably finish that.

I don't think there was anything specific. Just a list of characters and a word I think.

Good to know the mentions are there. I wasn't sure. I know one of the people I owe stuff to stopped following me here, so maybe she got an alert and knows I'm trying to get it done.

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