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Villains VS Villains Semi-Finals!

Directions: Vote for who would win a battle between these two. The one with the most votes continues on to the finals. Vote is open till Sunday at Noon. You may comment on your votes or ask questions about characters you are unfamiliar about. Or just to comment. Its a public post so feel free to invite friends to vote and comment.

Note: Sauron and Lex Luthor were stuck in a tie at the time of the end of the last round of voting. So I did an instant death vote on Twitter, where Sauron won out.

Poll #1593203 VvsV Semi-finals
This poll is closed.

Sauron vs. Weeping Angels

Sauron (LoTR)
Weeping Angels (Doctor Who)

Darth Vader vs. Ba'al

Darth Vader (Star Wars)
Ba'al (Stargate SG-1)

Villains VS Villains Round Two

Here we go, the second round of the Villains VS Villains voting.

Directions:  Please vote for who you think would win the battle in that match-up.  If you don't know the character, you can post and someone can explain them to you. The character with the most votes will carry on, and the ones with the least amount of votes will be ranked by the percentage of vote they received in their respective match-up in the final 16 ranking.

Voting last till Friday at Noon.  Please feel free to comment and invite your friends to vote.  The more votes the better.  This entry has been left public. 

EDIT: This poll was closed with a tie. A Tie breaker vote was handled on Twitter.

Poll #1592339 V vs V Round 2
This poll is closed.

Sauron VS Lex Luthur

Lex Luthur (Smallville, Superman)
Sauron (Bodiless Eyeball of LOTR Fame)

Kolya VS Ba'al

Kolya (Stargate Atlantis)
Ba'al (Stargate SG-1)

Scorpius VS Darth Vader

Scorpius (Farscape)
Darth Vader (Star Wars)

Replicators VS Weeping Angels

Replicators (Stargate Franchise)
Weeping Angels (Doctor Who)

Villains VS Villains Poll

One of my friends is having a last actor standing poll going around, and I had started a 'If X battled Y who would win Villain poll on Twitter.  Together they gave me the idea to do this.  Basically, I have several match ups.  Round 1 Winners will battle each other in Round 2 etc.  So Here we go.  Round One.  I'm leaving this public so if you want to invite your friends to vote, feel free to do so.   These are all villains, no heroes, and most are ones I'm familiar with (as poll person it is my right and also in case someone wonders who someone is I can actually tell them).  So sorry, no Twilight Villains since I stopped reading after book one and have (as of yet) managed to escape the movies despite my mother and sister trying to get me to do so.

Also, you may talk about the match-ups in the comments section but be nice to one another.  This is for fun.

You can also suggest Villains that should have been on the list and who would be a good match-up.

Directions: Please vote for who you think would win the battle between the two in each section. The one with the most votes at the end of voting will carry on to the next round.

Round One (Voting goes on till July 13th (That's Tuesday):

Poll #1590538 Round One Villans
This poll is closed.

Darth Sidious VS Sauron

Darth Sidious/Palpatine (Star Wars)
Sauron (AKA The Eyeball from LOTR)

Darth Vader VS Lord Voldemort

Darth Vader (Fmrly Anakin Skywalker) (Star Wars)
Lord Voldemort (Fmrly Tom Riddle) (Harry Potter)

Ba'al VS Khan

Ba'al (Stargate SG-1)
Khan (Star Trek: TOS, Wrath of Khan)

Kolya VS Ari Haswari

Acastus Kolya (Stargate: Atlantis)
Ari Haswari (NCIS)

Replicators VS The Borg

Replicators (Stargate SG-1/Atlantis)
The Borg (Star Trek TNG, VOY, DS9, ENT)

Scorpius VS Doctor Doom

Scorpius (Farscape)
Victor Von Doom (Fantastic Four)

Daleks VS. Weeping Angels

Daleks (Doctor Who)
Weeping Angels (Doctor Who)

Lex Luthor VS Obadiah Stane

Lex Luthor (Superman, Smallville)
Obadiah Stane (Iron Man Movie)

Does anyone know where these fics are?

I'm looking for two fics in particular, so while I try to find it I thought I'd see if anyone on my flist knew the stories I was talking about and perhaps had a link themselves.

1. Qui-gon survives the fight with Maul and trains Anakin, but now must deal with the aftermath of how he treated Obi-wan who is a Knight himself now. Yoda is concerned about the damaged relationship between Qui-gon and his former Apprentice. I believe Obi-wan and Anakin talk to each other every once and awhile though.

2. A Jedi Apprentice AU where Obi-wan was sent away since he did not get chosen. He is captured by some pirates (I think) and forced to use his Jedi powers for them. They also get him hooked on some kind of drug to keep him from running away. Qui-gon manages to rescue him, but damage has been done and they must deal with Obi-wan's addiction as well as the issues that came from years of being captive.

http://jafd.nsio.net/archive/avalon/cast1.html (pretty sure its the same fic)

- EDIT:  It wasn't the same fic.  But this one started out the same.  I can't seem to find a longer version, so *shrugs*

Both are gen to my knowledge. I remember in the second one Obi-wan had longer hair and there was a big scene where after being taunted about it, he starts to cut it off.
Testing out Google Chrome right now, as it apparently came with Google Earth, which I have been amusing myself with this weekend as I find pictures of my house and realise...it was ugly, and still is.  Although points get taken off for when I typed in www.fanfiction.net/ one of thier options contionued with books/twilight.  Smart you are, but not quite smart enough.  Granted, it did figure out I wanted NCIS when I typed TV after the /.  Which brings me to two comments

1.  Is it just me or did they just add a bunch of the minor characters?
2. The summeries for the newer stuff...well, scares me.


How did I not realise John Francis Daley was on Freaks & Geeks.  It just never entered my mind.  No wonder I love Sweets so much:)  ALthough now, thinking about it, I can see him in F&G and he is right.  He is 3 feet taller.  Also, he has a better hair cut.


Open SGU Post

This is going to be for anyone who wants to comment on SGU as it airs (or right after it airs) without fearing that they will spoil anyone who wants to remain spoilerless. As such, THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS

It is a public entry.   So invite your friends.

HP Fanfic Poll

Don't worry, I'm still writing a fic involving the pairings chosen in the last poll (thanks to the two people who actually voted). I just wanted to know if anyone would be interested...

Poll #1452533 Petunia
This poll is closed.

Would you read a AU Petunia fic where she had magic?

Interesting idea, so maybe
YES! There isn't enough Petunia-based fic

If I wrote this fic, which would be the pairing you would most enjoy

Petunia/Mad Eye (well, not likely but I had to put it there)
Petunia should be a nun

And during what period do you think would it be best written?

Maurader Era
The Muggle Years (AKA before Harry was 11)
The Golden Trio Era
After the time period of the books

Feel free to add whatever comments you have.

Pittsburgh Penguin Picspam And Comment post

So, not so long ago, the Pens hoisted the Trophy known as the Stanley Cup for the the third time.  Sidney Crosby became the youngest Captain in history to have the honor.  Mario, the Captain who hoisted the last two times, was in attendance.  Malkin got MVP.

To celebrate I present a Picspam, and a public entry.  When the Steelers won the Superbowl this year, I had a spam post, but I am not putting that on the Pens.  But it will be open for whoever wants to join in and if it becomes a Spam post, I'm not going to be angry.

So Congrats to the Pens for winning the Stanley Cup.  And Congrats to my hometown for not one but TWO professional sports trophies.

The Game Summery

dreamaria's Playoff highlights

Picspam!! and VID SPAM!Collapse )

Where is my McGee!!

Dear Tripod,

It really sucks to visit a site on your server where just clicking on the page to be able to scroll using up and down buttons or the mouse and getting pop ups.

Dear AOL

Its really annoying that every time Tripod has a pop up you hide behind other windows it really is



Natasha Richardson

I just realised that she was the same age as my mom.