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Book Keeper Lewis
9 January
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I am a writer of Fanfiction, and I occasionally draw something. See Links Below:

Korra @ Deviant Art
Sokorra Lewis @ Fanfiction.net (Fanfiction)
Sokorra Lewis @ Fictionpress.Com (Original Fiction)

Kori Lewis @ FictionAlley (Harry Potter Fanfiction)
Sokorra Lewis @ Wraithbait (Stargate Atlantis Fanfiction)
Sokorra Lewis @ McWeir.Com (Stargate Altantis Fanfiction)
Sokorra Lewis at Teaspoon (Doctor Who)

You can find many of this on my website Http://www.sokorralewis.com/

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* The list got long so I posted it in a journal entry so follow the link above to see the links/codes for the fanlistings I belong to.

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